Dr. Stone (Anime Review) – Ten Billion Percent Concentrated Power of Will

There’s always an idiot who’ll try anything, and the shiny monkeys will inevitably create a technological civilisation.


That’s right, we’re the shiny apes (monkeys have tails). Apes that decided for ourselves that we wanted more. Apes that had the curiosity to think on our own and the will to discover the unknown. Curiosity may have killed the cat, but it damn sure didn’t kill us. Well not all of us, at least not yet anyway.

And that’s what we see in Dr. Stone. A civilisation reduced to nothingness, putting mankind millions of years back to the stone ages. But as long as there are the curious, as long as there are the thinkers and as long as there are the strong willed, anything can happen. Thus ensuing the exciting adventure in Dr. Stone and a journey to rebuild and recover what humanity had once possessed.

  • Title: Dr. Stone (ドクターストーン)
  • Genres: Shounen, Adventure, Sci-fi
  • Studios: TMS Entertainment
  • Episodes: 24 – 24min (Completed)
  • Date: 5 July 2019 — 13 December 2019
  • Source: Manga

When I scoured the net (and Twitter) for adventure anime a while ago, it might surprise some of you that this title never once came up. But as chance might have it, I ended up randomly stumbling upon Dr. Stone anyway. So imagine my astonishment when the anime turned out to be everything I was looking for and more!

One of the most fascinating things about Dr. Stone is how it creates its science fiction setting. In a world that’s been ravaged by a mysterious phenomenon, every human on earth had been turned to stone. The main story takes place 3700 years after the petrification occurred. What’s fascinating about it all is that the anime creates this post-apocalyptic era by using logical real life science to justify this world of make-believe.

Science is what gives this fun-filled adventure an additional ten billion percent oomph factor. We get to see scavenging, crafting, chemistry and all kinds of stuff that screams science and adventure. I know I sound like a kid that never got enough of his science classes, but the fact is, Dr. Stone makes science look a lot more thrilling. Learning had never been this much fun (yes I learned a thing or two), especially with things like those practical contraptions and the beautiful yet ghastly chemicals. Through various applications of science, we get to see Senku rebuild civilisation step-by-step.

and he’s not done yet

But science isn’t the only topic of interest in this anime. In fact, the anime also did an amazing job at building fascinating characters. Some were cunning, others were skiving, but they were all cool and charismatic in their own ways. The show gave the characters ample time to develop their own independent personalities, which lets us grow increasingly attached to their person. Each of these characters played their own roles absolutely well, and you’ll come to love them all.

But the science and the characters weren’t the only things that gave the show its colour. Both the sounds and the art played a huge part in cementing this colour.

Music has power, and it is evident in Dr. Stone that this is indeed true. Some music were rousing, others were touching, and one even convinced an entire village that the kingdom of science is the way to go (One Small Step was truly beautiful). There’s plenty of good music in Dr. Stone to influence our mood and feelings. Also, let’s not forget the seiyuu’s brilliant voice acting to give each character a voice that brought their character to life.

As for the art and animations, TMS Entertainment did a great job of incorporating all sorts of styles into its production. There were funny expressions, flowchart representations, video game themed animations, realistic CGI, real life videos and so on! The sheer numbers of varying styles alone would be worth taking note of, but the fact that the studio pulled off all these styles without it coming off as out of place is an astounding success. The freedom and flexibility in art is definitely something we must appreciate.

I feel like I should also add that all those characters look extremely fabulous with their tattooed face cracks, coloured hairstyles and edgy outfits. Quite surprisingly, the “good guys” also look more like a ragtag bunch than the “bad guys”. Tsukasa and his elite men look way too cool to remain bad forever.

TLDR; Dr. Stone turns the geek in science into the coolest most fun thing ever and uses this to tell an exciting tale of adventure. It was lots of fun, astonishingly logical, pretty hype, occasionally touching, sometimes wholesome and always scientifically awesome. I mean, what more could you ask for?

(more episodes obviously…)

Who was your favourite character? Did you even like the show? Actually, did you even watch the show? You’d better have watched the show… As for the title? If you get it, you get it!

19 thoughts on “Dr. Stone (Anime Review) – Ten Billion Percent Concentrated Power of Will

  1. I loved Dr. Stone and it was easily my series of the year in 2019. Such an engaging story with incredible characters. Kohaku and Chrome were my favourites, but I also loved Kaseki, Suika, Kinro, and Ginro, and of course Senko. I can’t wait for season two.

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      • Yeah, everytime he called her a gorilla!

        My favourite exchange between them was when Chrome refused to let Senku tell him everything in case he died collective the suphuric acid. Kohaku realised it was similar to how she wouldn’t let her sister tell her all the stories. They had a really nice moment there.

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  2. Okay, I’m pretty sure we can all agree that everyone’s fashion style was AMAZING. Even if Tsukasa wore the simplest thing ever, it was still oh so very badass. My guy can really rock a robe.

    All Tsukasa fan-girling aside, going into this anime (or in my case, manga first) was great fun. The science aspects of it were really surprising and possibly my favorite part! Out of everything, watching Senku shock villagers with creating a light bulb or smthing ended up being the best parts for me. Of course, that’s with the exception of Kohaku screen-time. Both tie!

    Liked by 1 person

    • AGREED! Although, I’m sure he’d look even better without those robes lol! And those hairstyles, I mean come on.

      Hah I’m with the villagers on this one. Watching Senku work his science magic definitely left me in as much awe as the villagers. I just loved how science made everything feel logical, and by no means convenient. Yess Kohaku is SO CUTE.

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      • RIGHT? Even if Senku’s hair does look like a bundle of green onion, he’s the only person who can ever rock such revolutionary style! Don’t even get me started on Tsukasa without the robes PLUS his amazing hair – oh boy, I sense a fangirl eruption incoming.

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      • HAHAHAHA! Of course I could count on you to find the most accurate description of Senku’s absurdly cool hair xd Vegetables huh, I knew his hair looked awfully familiar…

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      • Yeah, it was a huge surprise. Both Dr. Stone and Eyeshield 21 have the same writer, but have different illustrators which explains the very different art style. Instead of football, people learn about science!

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      • I know, right? Haha! Dr. Stone does have an original concept which I certainly applaud. I really like it when anime covers topics you don’t typically see in various stories. I am certainly rediscovering such a series with both the anime and manga, but I don’t want to say which one because I want this to be a surprise when I make a review for it.

        Liked by 1 person

      • Yup. I’m keeping it a secret until I watch all the episodes and post a review for one of my 2020 review goals. All I can say is that the anime I’m watching and Dr. Stone does have one thing in common that’s noticeable, but I won’t say what. No, it’s not Eyeshield 21, by the way. Haha!

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