I Became a Magical Girl?

A few months ago, I was told by Fred that I was, indeed, a Magical Girl! It was such an astonishing piece of news that it had me dumbfounded and in awe for a few months. After finally regaining my senses recently, I figured it’s about time I step up to the challenge. Thanks for the opportunity, Fred!

Of course, this was only possible thanks to the extremely creative Pinkie who created this wonderful blog-tag-award post thingy! You have my gratitude as well, Pinkie, for creating such a fun and engaging tag-post.

If you’ve ever wondered how a Tiger became a Magical Girl, well, here’s my whimsical tale. But before you read on, know that I’ve answered the questions in my own quirky way. Bear with me!

The Rules:

1.  A Magical Girl is always polite!  So be polite! Display the Magical Girl Tag Logo, thank the one who tagged you and, if you want the tag creator to thank you for participating, tag Pinkie’s original post as well!  That last one is optional though!

2. A good magical girl gets the job done! Answer all the prompts! But do it like yourself! Come up with your own ideas, or compare it with other anime or video games! Anything goes! Just get the job done!

3. A good Magical girl always makes friends! Tag at least 2 people!  More is optional!
There is no 4! That would be bad luck!

5. A Magical girl is not defined by gender! Feel free to tag anyone!


1. A Magical Creature descended from the skies! It is telling you, you are a magical girl!  Describe this magical messenger! What is it.. where is it from?!:

Is that you, Mum?? Why are you wearing a wedding veil??? What do you mean I’m a Magical Girl??

2. Your creature tells you about an evil force from afar! What is this evil force?! What is their goal?!

I know you don’t like it when Dad tries to get you to go fishing with him, but don’t you think you’re overreacting by calling him an evil force? He’ll be back soon you know.

3. The creature then tells you, you hold a great virtue, it is the reason you have been selected! What is this reason!:

Oh come on Mum, you only ever say that I’m a great writer when you want something from me. Let’s face it, you don’t believe that. Besides, what does writing have to do with any of this??

4. After the exposition, a monster shows up at your doorstep! It is time to transform! What is your transformation item?!:

Oh look, Dad is home. Alright Mum, fine, I’ll go fishing with Dad instead. Guess I’ll bring along my JBL Pulse 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. It sure does wonders to transform the mood! I wouldn’t want to sit through an hour of Dad’s relationship advice without some music.

5. Transformation scene time! How do you look as a magical girl?! What is your power and signature attack?!:

Enough with the empty compliments Mum, we’re only going fishing and all I did was wear a Hoodie. I know I’m saving you some trouble, but stop acting as if I look like Yuri Plisetsky from Yuri on Ice. Luckily, I’m bringing along my JBL Pulse 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker. With this, I’ll be able to drown out Dad’s relationship advice by blasting some music while we’re fishing! It’ll probably scare the fishes away, but it’s the best move I’ve got.

6. Catchphrase time! Name some of those lines you repeat in every episode.. and tell us when you use them!  This can be a transformation phrase.. or just something cool you keep repeating!:

(On the fishing pier)

I’m single, Dad. I keep telling you, I’m single. Can we stop talking about this now? You always make me repeat this.

(Music blasts in the background)

7. Are you a solo magical girl?! Do you work in a team?! Are you the first recruit or a supportive one?!:

(Back home)

Mum, I’m back! You know, Mum, even though I’m the supportive one, you should try asking one of your other two sons next time.

8. Every magical girl  has a goal in her normal life as well! What would your goal be?!:

(Before bed)

What a day. Sigh, I wish I had a Job I could LOVE doing, one that earns me enough to support both me and my family’s needs. That way, I could buy Dad his fish and buy Mum something proper instead of that wedding veil she’s been wearing all day.

9. What is the dark twist to your being a magical girl?!:


In the witching hours of the night, amidst the darkness of my bedroom, a veiled woman glared at me in utter contempt. She whispered beneath her breath,


Well, that wasn’t so bad, was it? Okay, maybe it was a little bad. But either ways, this has been my not-so-whimsical tale of becoming a Magical Girl!

On a more serious note, you should also check out some of the other nominees of this tag-post! I didn’t expect to see so much effort put into writing such amazing stories. I was definitely inspired by their efforts.

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Lynn: I know you’ve been tagged, but I’ll tag you again anyways since I know you write your own stories!

Scott: I’ve read your space story before, so I’d love to see how you’d reply to this tag post!

allthefujoshiunite: This could inspire you to make your own tag post hahaha 🙂

eggsandwich04: I’m curious to see how you’d reply to this!

Crow: As a Tiger, it would be cool to see a Crow become a Magical Girl!

As always, even if you’re tagged, don’t feel obligated. Thanks for reading!

P.s. I don’t own a JBL Pulse 4 Portable Bluetooth Speaker.

What makes a proper Isekai anime?

What is it about Mushoku Tensei and Ascendance of a Bookworm that makes an Isekai, amazing? Over the past few years, we’ve seen the rise and fall of many Isekai anime. Some survived criticism and turned out to be actually good, while others failed to become what it set out to be, and were simply forgotten. But what is it about these two anime that make them better than others of its kind?

In the first place, what is it about Isekai that is so very fascinating?

The concept of another world will always be something unbelievably exciting. Let alone, the idea of actually being a part of this other world. Unlike other non-isekai anime, it is this detachment from our known world and its rules that makes life in a new world extremely refreshing. After all, it is a world unlike any we’ve experienced before. A place where anything might just be possible. A realm that turns fiction into reality.

So why isn’t this enough? Why do some Isekai continue to fall short? Why is it that such an alluring idea in anime often receives the criticism it gets?

The beauty of an Isekai is that an isekai could be itself, but it could very easily be anything else just as well. It can be whatever it wants to be. What I mean is that an Isekai anime could be all about this whole new world, but it could also be about anything else, only now it’s in another world.

Because the very nature of Isekai is that it is a setting. Be it a story about romance, action or even just slice of life, all of these could take place in another world. But what makes an Isekai truly an Isekai is when it successfully infuses the aspect of “a different world” into its story, and into the characters’ everyday lives.

Unfortunately, some Isekai just aren’t Isekai enough.

To better understand everything, it is important to know what Isekai truly means. By definition, Isekai means to be transported to another world. Yet some anime fail to realise that an Isekai is just as much about another world as it is about the former world that the character came from.

Otherwise, an Isekai wouldn’t even be an Isekai, would it? It would be just like any other fantasy anime out there. In which case, would the anime even need to have been an Isekai? Why not create a fantasy world from the get-go instead of having a character be transported?

An Isekai isn’t just about existing in this whole other world. There needs to be a comparison between one world and the other. A constant link between the two worlds. Worlds that would keep challenging each other in some way or form. Because isn’t that what an Isekai really is all about?

Knowing what it means to be transported to another world, that’s what makes an Isekai truly an Isekai.

Would you agree? I mean I do still love all my Isekai regardless. After all, what I love about Isekai is mainly its adventure fantasy aspects. Though it wouldn’t hurt for an Isekai to be more Isekai-like, ya know?

But anyway, it’s been nearly 4 long months since my last post! I’m just relieved to have finally written something proper again. At least, I think it’s proper.

Sure did took me long enough though. But as always, thanks for reading!

The Fantastical World of Coiling Dragon (Chinese Novel Review)

Spectacular magical beasts. Immortal martial artists. Magical treasures beyond your wildest dreams.

Enter the spectacular world of Coiling Dragon filled with endless possibilities. Where 10,000km-sized sacred beasts lurk deep within the hidden depths of the lands. Where a single punch from a seemingly haggard old man could rip a hole through the fabric of space itself. Where mysterious and extraordinary treasures lay hidden all across the world for anyone lucky enough to find them, containing vast riches and inexplicable powers.

You get the point.

There’s a lot that happens in this exciting world, and if you’re a huge fan of adventure fantasies (as am I) and have nothing on your watchlist right now, why not enter the world for yourself. Have a first-hand look at the fantastic world of Chinese Martial Arts Fantasy novels where, anything goes really.

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Japan Sinks 2020 — A Disaster Series Destroyed by its Disastrous Writing

Haven’t we all ever wondered what it would be like if the world we once knew completely and suddenly falls apart? As if on a different planet, a place where we are no longer bound by the same rules and constrictions of modern day society? Where the true nature of humanity is tested in a world that is brought back to its most primeval form? Such is the world that Japan Sinks 2020 tried to create, albeit in poor fashion.

Japan Sinks 2020, at a glance, comes off as a story that intends to portray the powerful devastation nature is capable of through the post-apocalyptic survival genre. Where the catastrophic extent of Mother Nature is portrayed in full, and the struggles and the threnody of the people who suffer in its wake are brought to light. Much like its predecessor, Tokyo Magnitude 8.0, Japan Sinks 2020 gave me the initial impression of a similar woeful story about how the world as you know it, out of nowhere, could instantly and abruptly be turned into chaos and ruins. How then would people continue living when their entire world has been turned upside-down?

Unfortunately, Japan Sinks 2020 was nothing what I had hoped it to be, nor was it nearly as good as its predecessor. Perhaps I expected too much, but by the end of it all, I was left feeling disappointed at what the anime had turned out to be, and how much better it could have been.

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Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-kun (Anime Review) – One of the best light-hearted comedies

When it comes to the genre of Comedy, a sucker for laughter like me could simply never get enough. My endless pursuit of comedic anime has led me to binge countless anime that has had me grinning till my cheeks hurt. So of course, I would’ve already stumbled upon this anime title.

Monthly Girls’ Nozaki-Kun is one of the most common titles to appear when searching for “funny anime”, and that’s a huge compliment considering how one of the other mainstays of the “funny anime” search results is the unrivalled epic comedy Gintama. Any version of myself from the past 6 years would never have been able to understand why an anime like this kept appearing in lists of funny anime. I mean, how could I? I hadn’t even been able to get through the first few minutes of the very first episode.

It wasn’t until recently that I was finally convinced to sit through an entire episode of the show. Much to my amazement, the anime was everything I would’ve wanted and more.

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Morality in The Promised Neverland — Isabella (#1)

The subject of morality is never one that’s set in stone. An act that is claimed to be of a moral premise by one party could very well be seen as an immoral act by another. In this post, I aim to take a look at the many things in The Promised Neverland that have raised moral questions and tested our moral sensitivities.

Of course, some disclaimers first. This post is written entirely for fun, in an attempt to apply theories of ethics into the world of The Promised Neverland. I’ll be writing based on my limited knowledge of ethics and its various theories, as well as with the perspective of my own subjective and personal worldview. There’s really no right, wrong or absolutes! Just completely my own biased personal opinion.

*Spoilers ahead*

The world of The Promised Neverland is a rather fascinating one. Human lives have been likened to livestock, where children are reared and harvested in the seemingly peaceful and ordinary orphanages. In a world such as this, can our standards of morality truly remain the same? Can we truly be blamed for being “immoral”? What are the limits of what is right and what is wrong?


Our moral sensitivity tested right away when the “surrogate mother” Isabella is seen willingly sending the children to their demise. Insidious isn’t it? But is she actually evil?

Banality of evil
The banality of evil defines the idea that doing evil is not necessarily an act done because one is an inherently evil person, but it could simply be the act of a dutiful servant obeying their orders. In this case, the actions of Isabella to essentially slaughter the children aren’t an act birthed from evil, but an act of subservience.

In other words, Isabella is (probably) not evil.

While Isabella may not be evil, can we say that her actions were morally justified? Per the anime, it seemed that Isabella had been so deeply scarred that her experiences had completely altered her beliefs. To Isabella, escape was impossible, and so death became an inevitability. She started believing that the best thing she could do for herself and the children was to give them the most pleasant life before sending them off to be killed. Can we truly fault her for her decisions?

Of course we can, but should we?

Understandably, her actions could be seen as being self-serving.

  • She chose to essentially live the life as someone complicit in slaughter so that she could save her own skin.
  • It was easier to blind herself from the reality where both herself and the children might’ve been able to survive.
  • Helping the children could risk her life, so she chose to let the children die so she could peacefully live on.

But personally, I believe that given her circumstances, it is morally permissible for her to act in such a way. The act of delivering the children to their deaths may be inherently bad, but her intentions were none other than to raise them well and to allow them to live merrily till their final moments. After all, she never knew there were any means for the children to escape. Perhaps after helping even just one or two of the children, when found out, she might just be killed off herself for failing to perform her duties. Maybe allowing the children to live a blissful life ignorant of their grim reality would allow more children to live happier lives.

In short, I personally believe that Isabella’s actions were not immoral. They were simply the result of circumstance.

Then again, if I were Isabella, it might have just been better to have explained things to them clearly once they found out instead of beginning her sick game of cat and mouse. Eh, perhaps she might just be evil after all.

Would you forgive Isabella? Should I continue exploring the ethics of the other characters? Or perhaps you thought I was spouting a load of crap? Well, you’re not wrong! Regardless, leave a comment to let me know!

Check out my review of the whole series HERE! As always, thank you for reading!

Blogging was my Salvation, but also my Damnation (A Brief Update)

Almost 10 months ago, I began my journey as a blogger. I’d been stifled by the idleness of having had nothing meaningful to do during my spare time, but this all changed when I ventured into blogging. I doted on the concept of expressing myself on a professional yet personalised stage, and it quickly became the ideal supplement to placate my woes. Except, this only lasted 8 months. Roughly 2 months ago, I made the decision to take a step back from blogging for awhile. I wanted to revisit the unremarkable placidity of my bygone days. I wanted to express myself without being confined by the rules that I’d set for myself. I wanted to liberate myself from the shackles that had saved me. It’s all ironic, isn’t it?

Why I decided to take a break

The biggest goal I’d set for myself before my hiatus had been to publish daily posts or even weekly posts of my writing, but I was soon forced to acknowledge the reality that such a goal had been too daunting of a challenge for me given the commitments I had and with my temperament. Writing became a mental struggle. It was exhausting, and it only served to add more stress. I detested writing for the sake of it, and eventually started being disapproving of my own writing. By then, I knew I had to take some time away from it all.

What the break did for me

This hiatus gave my mind respite from the usual strains. I no longer felt the need to obsess with critically analysing everything I watch. I was once more graced by the joy of letting myself be carried away by a show, immersing in its enchanting storytelling and all else it had to offer. It felt natural and addictive. I no longer forced myself to think about what this or that signified in the grand scheme of things, like what a protagonist’s choice of weapon symbolised or what the heroine’s favourite colour hinted at. I managed to find more time to spend on other things, like sleep! But more than anything else, these past few months has let me realise how far I had strayed from my initial ambitions. It reminded me of why I wanted to write in the first place.

So, what now?

Well, I’ve realised that writing to me meant more than just putting out posts on a frequent basis. I’ve always wanted to write to the best of my ability, to write with a vigour and passion that would awe a reader. But the reality for someone like me is that it takes time, persistence and in fact the right amount of interest to be fully invested in expressing myself properly. As much as I get really uncomfortable leaving the website unattended for long periods of time, It might be healthier for me to only post my writing when I know that I can write satisfactorily. Quality over quantity I guess. We’ll see.

Thanks for reading, truly!

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A Good Doctor Review (KDrama) – Understanding and Respecting Differences

So after many weeks of struggling to watch anime, I stumbled upon this gem of a show after finding out that the English Series version of “The Good Doctor” was actually inspired by the Korean Drama version titled “Good Doctor“. I decided to give it a try, and ended up finishing all 20 episodes in slightly over 3 days.

Was it good? Definitely. How good? Well, read on!

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5 Most Exasperating WordPress Glitches I Keep Encountering

WordPress problems are something I encounter ever-so frequently. These frustratingly incessant problems plague my writing experience to the point of complicating the most simplest of things and turning them into tedious and unnecessary hassles. It is infuriating and inconvenient, to say the least, and perhaps that by writing them, I could figure out whether or not these problems are my own, or problems that have plagued the community all this while.

Before I start, let me just say that I wouldn’t have written this without the suggestion from Yomu of Umai Yomu. He responded to my frequent dissatisfaction of these issues on twitter, and suggested that I write them out in a post in the hopes that the relevant parties might be made aware of these issues. So thanks Yomu!

I’ll be arranging this list from the least annoying issues to the most obnoxious problems. Here we go!

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