Top 6 Anime Girls with Straight Bangs

I’ve recently been taking more notice of anime characters and their hairstyles, partly because the hairstyles of the current show I’m watching came in all shapes and forms (yes Rock Lee was also an influence). So it got me thinking, why not create a list about hairstyles? Hair is something we always look at to distinguish various characters in anime. It’s a character’s identity and it even expresses their personality. So today, I’ll be sharing some of the best female anime characters with great hair. Specifically, great blunt bangs.

But first, let’s lay down some rules. It’s a given that there are lots of anime ladies with front bangs. So in this list, I will try only to include the characters with the straightest, squarest and the neatest blunt bangs.

These characters, whether it be their looks, their personality, or simply the world they’re in, are characters that have left quite the impression. Okay, so maybe it’s not all just about hair. Regardless, these characters are some of the few that stood out to me. So here are my 6 best anime girls with straight cut fringes! Be prepared for the cute, the charismatic, the classy and even the crazy!

6. Kyouka Jirou

  • Anime: Boku no Hero Academia
  • Episodes: 78 (ongoing)
  • Studios: Bones

To be frank, I’ve only seen the first season of My Hero Academia. I’m just waiting for season 4 to conclude before I gobble it all up. But from what I have seen of Kyouka Jirou, she’s the coolest cat in town. Her nonchalant demeanour and unenthusiastic behaviour masquerades her friendliness and playfulness. This hairstyle suits her perfectly! She’s also really cute…

5. Eru Chitanda

  • Anime: Hyouka
  • Episodes: 22
  • Studios: Kyoto Animation

Eru Chitanda is the epitome of cuteness. Perhaps not cute in the form of a cutesy moe style. Rather, she has that natural waft of cuteness about her personality and features. Everything about her is just so adorable. She’s almost like a little puppy. A gorgeous little puppy.

4. Akane Tsunemori

  • Anime: Psycho-Pass
  • Episodes: 41
  • Studios: Production I.G (Seasons 1 & 3), Tatsunoko Production (Season 2)

Akane Tsunemori has this majestic coolness about her character. Cute but tough, she radiates charisma with her leadership. She’s calm and composed and isn’t afraid to make the tough calls. Enough about hair, just look at those eyes!

3. Zero Two

  • Anime: Darling in the Franxx
  • Episodes: 24
  • Studios: A-1 Pictures, Trigger, CloverWorks

Unfortunately, I’ve only seen the first episode of Darling in the Franxx before putting it aside temporarily. But that first episode was enough for Zero Two to charm me with her minx like demeanour; flirtatious but also classy and cool. I’ll definitely have to revisit this sometime.

2. Yumeko Jabami

Yumeko Jabami redefines beauty through her craziness. As if her looks weren’t beguiling enough, this essence of insanity about her makes everything about her much more thrilling and exciting. Plus I really liked her visuals and the animations in the anime.

1. Aika Fuwa

Aika Fuwa is truly the most special entree on this list. Yes, she has the best hair, but more importantly she carries herself with an aura of class and elegance. Her every word is a mysterious riddle, repeatedly quoting the works of various renowned literature. Everything about her feels elevated with a certain profundity. It’s not difficult to see why she took the number 1 spot. Her beauty transcends the mere appearance.

So there you have it, my top 6 best anime girls with straight bangs. In the end, it was more about their character than their hairstyle, but I guess that just means that there’s more to a character than just their looks.

I hope you liked the list! Were there any of your own favourite anime girls with blunt bangs that weren’t on the list? I’d love to know!

(Edit: To think they were called Hime Cuts and I didn’t know…)

15 thoughts on “Top 6 Anime Girls with Straight Bangs

  1. Great list, and excellent #1 choice. I’m a big hime cut man, so I’m glad to see someone else appreciating the style. It’s simply the best. Bonus points for shrine priestess outfit.

    Liked by 2 people

    • Oh trust me, I was damn close to having her on the list. The list had been up to 12 before I reduced it after removing Kuroneko and a few others. Sadly I couldn’t remember much of what I liked about her so I had to leave them out… She was 10th originally :p

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  2. Gotta love how almost all of these were a waifu to me at some point in time. Great taste in anime girls, Tiger! I’ll admit it, I’m a sucker for hime cuts, the secret is out! When it comes to Jabami Yumeko though, that’s … A different story…

    Liked by 1 person

    • Aw come on, a little bit of crazy is good for you. Yumeko is actually a real sweetheart, with a hardcore gambling addiction, that’s all. I’m a sucker for hime cuts too! As expected, you’ve got great taste as well.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Back in my teens, I really find girls with bangs very adventurous and daring HAHA. For some reason, it made me attracted to them so whenever I watch animes where the character has these kinda bangs, it gave me a nostalgic feeling. I gotta agree, Yumeko’s cut is pretty sick !!

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